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Yahoo! AvatarsThank you so much for visiting. Here you will find various pieces of artwork that I have done over the past 25 years of my life. The images you see here are complete originals done without copying or tracing of any kind. Since completing the first phase of my website,  I have uploaded a number of new sketches and paintings I've done. There is also a page for computer art...more new pieces will be forthcoming there. There is also a Jim Morrison tribute page, which I recently added. I've also added several short stories that I wrote some time ago. There are also many personal bookmarks of my own that I've included. These site links contain tons of information pertaining to art, literature, music, science, space, family research, and entertainment. They also contain pictures, games, tools, statistics, interesting facts and figures, articles and topics about history, government, the military, personal bios of famous people, and just about anything else that you can concieve of. At these sites you will find, media, interactive projects, free software, audio, and visual presentations, downloads, interviews, games, workshops, and virtually anything else you might desire to study and try out for fun, instructional, or educational purposes. There are also a great number of widgets that I have placed on other pages, in the form of games, tools, chat boxes, music and video players, maps, convertors, calculators, news, sports and weather feeds, and other useful little things that I'm sure you'll have fun with.  I have painstakingly constructed this site in order to offer you as many fun games, free resources, and as much interesting and useful information as you could ever hope to find. If you like what you see, and enjoy what I've done, please sign my guestbook and leave a comment.  I need to hear your opinions, and get some feedback on what've I've done here. That's all that I ask.

This site is my gift to all of you. Now go, learn, and enjoy.


-Dwayne Pagnotto






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Mystical and Fantasy Art
Mystical and Fantasy Art
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